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Formula III 600 F Chassis '95-97 Race MBRP,MBRP CAN,MBRP EXHAUST,EXHAUST,1026012 -

Formula III 600 F Chassis '95-97 Race

Price: $290.99
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Formula III 600 F Chassis '95-97 Race

HP Gain: 0.5
Weight Loss: 12


  • 4" can (body)
  • Highest increase in horsepower and greatest weight loss of the three while giving definite performance increase over the Standard and Trail
  • Less packing inside silencer allows for additional weight loss but noticeable noise increase and allows the heat to dissipate even faster

MBRP offers three different styles of mufflers; Race, Standard and Trail.  Please note that not all three styles are made for each sled. 

"If" MBRP produces another style of silencer for your machine, you will find it at the link above.