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Mountain Cat/King Cat 800 900 '04-06 Standard MBRP,MBRP CAN,MBRP EXHAUST,EXHAUST,2210310 -

Mountain Cat/King Cat 800 900 '04-06 Standard

Price: $261.99
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Mountain Cat/King Cat 800 900 '04-06 Standard

HP Gain: 3
Weight Loss: 10

MBRP builds three styles of mufflers. MBRP builds only the Trail style for some sleds, while offering Trail and Standard or Trail and Race for other sled models. Simply reference the style in the title above (Trail, Standard, or Race) to the list below for the correct description.


  • 6" can (body)
  • The lowest in weight loss and performance but provides increase of machine performance with minimal noise volume, but definitely improves the exhaust tone.


  • 5" can (body)
  • Medium weight loss and performance while providing increase of performance over the Trail with a noticeable increase in noise volume over stock silencer
  • Additional weight is saved by less packing inside the can, increasing noise output
  • Heat dissipates faster allowing the machine to run cooler


  • 4" can (body)
  • Highest increase in horsepower and greatest weight loss of the three while giving definite performance increase over the Standard and Trail
  • Less packing inside silencer allows for additional weight loss but noticeable noise increase and allows the heat to dissipate even faster