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All You Need To Know About Mono Suits

  • 4 min read

One-piece snowsuit ruled the roost back in the 1980s as they were very popular then. However, it was a serious and cool fashion among people above 55 years of age, but no one under the age 55 wore onesie as didn’t find them fashionable.

Time has elapsed, but things have not changed. The revival of one piece suit has started by hardcore snowboarders and freeskiers both young and old. A growing number of both skiers and snowboarders are buying one piece suits again because they know the benefits of snowsuit and ease they get in them while skiing or snowboarding. Let’s find out what they are called today and some of the exclusive features associated with them.

Mono means one, so mono suit means “one piece suit”. It is an easy-to-wear single piece garment which is very comfortable that can be worn with zipper upfront, upside down & even backward. If you want to be a showstopper yet look stylish, then this is the ultimate option for you. Monosuit is available both for men & women. Have you ever seen how mono suit looks like? If no, then take a look at the online shopping portals where you will find huge collections. For fashionistas, the mono suit is a must-have in the wardrobe.

Things You Get From Choosing A Mono Suit

There are several benefits of choosing mono suit over other garments. Let’s take a look at the following benefits:

  • Under the spotlight

You will get increased attention from others as this garment indeed attracts people.

  • Pleasure & comfort

It is the most comfortable attire one can wear & you do not have to waste time to match the top & bottom.

  • Multi-season wearability

Mono suits are ideal for wearing in any season. There are companies in the market who make mono suits that come with hoods, adjustable collars & detachable sleeves.

  • Quality material

The reputed brand makes use of the finest quality fabrics for making mono suits. Mono suits are available in denim, velvet, and neoprene & so on.

What To Pair With Mono Suits?

Mono suits can be paired with any type of footwear. You can team it with high heels, sneakers, tennis shoes or platform shoes. Depending on your preferred style, the mono suit can be paired with your favorite dress shirt, skinny jeans, leggings, jeggings, polos or turtleneck tees.

Type & Fabric Composition

Premium brands are selective about the materials that they use for making mono suits. They only make use of the finest quality knitted fabrics to ensure final product quality as well as durability.

Various monosuits can be made using different fabrics that include stretch cotton jersey, faux eco suede, viscose & velvet blending with stretching elements for creating a perfect slim fit. At times, high-tech neoprene materials are also used for making monosuits.

Who Wear Monosuits?

Bold people, creative people, outgoing people who love highlighting their personal identity prefers wearing monosuit.

Monosuit of a reputed brand is designed in such a way that it perfectly fits all body type & people of any age can wear it.

Pros of wearing Monosuits

They are much warmer as compared to other types of snow outfits. This is not just because you keep your mid-rift away from exposing to the elements when doing aerials or wiping out.  A monosuit is warmer than a separate jacket and pants just like mitts that are much warmer than gloves. As monosuits are based on the ‘single compartment’ concept, they help your body bits to keep each other warm.

The biggest plus of monosuit is that there is no snow up to your jumper or down your pants if you venture into the powder, particularly when your body heat melts the snow. You may find them a bit expensive, but prices may vary greatly from brand to brand.  Overall, if you compare for quality, it works out cheaper to buy a monosuit as compared to a separate pair of pants with a jacket.

There are both insulated and non-insulated monosuit options available in the market and that also depends on the brand.  You have to bring your own layers whey you are choosing the non-insulated suit and if you are an active rider.  If you are a casual rider and just want to cruise at ease or if you are a freeze-baby, then you need to opt for the insulated monosuit.  There is ample ventilation in these onesies as it is a universal key component among monosuits, though some are better than others.

Where Monosuits Can Be Worn?

You can wear monosuit in the following places:

  • You can wear a mono suit to office teaming it with shirt & high heels
  • When you go out for a walk with your kids or going to yoga class, you can wear a mono suit with a turtle necks & sneakers
  • For a party, you can wear monosuit pairing with long necklaces & stilettos

 Order Online

Monosuit is now widely available in the market & you do not have to hop from shop to shop randomly as you will get it online. When you order online, you will get the product delivered right at your doorstep. After receiving the garment if you find that it doesn’t fit you, there is usually a time span of 14 days that you will get to return the product. You can either ask for the money or can ask the shopping portal to send you the size of your choice.

The Bottom Line

Considering all things together, mono suits of today offer both comfort and mobility of any gear to the serious powder riders and backcountry.  Moreover, they are almost always less expensive as compared to individual jacket and a pair of bibs of equal quality. So, if you miss old days of glory where you could confidently rock onesies, then try out today’s snowmobile mono suits as they will keep you as happy as a baby. They are highly in demand among the common mass. If you haven’t ordered your piece yet, then do it at the earliest & flaunt it to your peers. You will surely draw all the attention of your peers.