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Spring Snowmobiling is Awesome!

  • 4 min read

Winter is leaving March and entering into April and spring snowmobiling. Before you think you need to put away your sled and snowmobile gear, browse through spring snowmobiling areas. Look into snowmobiling catalogs and internet sites for Klim clearance on snowmobile gear. There is still plenty of snowmobiling in the higher Rocky Mountain terrains.

Try West Yellowstone or better yet, Cooke City, Montana. Both venues are amazing and have late-season backcountry snowmobiling that extends into June and at times even July. (This year the season may continue into July  since the snowpack is so spectacular). Spring days make it easy for more riding. The days are longer and warmer, and the snowpack sticks around longer in these easy to get to areas.

Montana guide books say to check out the Daisy Pass at 11,600 feet. Or try Freeride Henderson Mountain and explore old mining areas. Play in the deep powder meadows and ride your sleds through the trees. Winter isn’t over for these areas.


Bozeman. Head out on Fairy Lake Road is about 4.5 miles north of Bohart Ranch and past the Battle Ridge Campground. It is still full of powdery snow and snowmobilers still have a crazy time here.

Check out Rocky Mountain Snowmobile’s online Klim Clearance for some great deals on snowmobile gear. Then head out to Cooke City where the snowpack is still great. Here in Cooke City, Montana, the higher mountains have late-season powder even into June. After your ride, try some of the awesome eateries in Cooke City.  Don’t think that spring will put a damper on your snowmobiling fun. There is still plenty of snow in the mountains.

Big Sky. Buck Ridge Trail has plenty of parking at the trailhead, great snowy conditions, and 16 miles of maintained and groomed trails.

West Yellowstone is still a snowmobilers mecca. There are over 400 miles of trails just for snowmobiling, and the fact that it’s April and spring doesn’t hinder snowmobile riders. Take time to travel on Horse Butte, Trail, Madison Arm Trail, and Lions Head Trail. Check out interactive trails maps for fun destinations. Contact the Montana Snowmobile Association for more information on spring snowmobiling.


Snap on your snowmobile helmet lights and stay late into the spring evening hours at The Forks in Maine. Snowmobile trail condition reports states that there are some bare corners beginning to show in a few lower elevations, but there is still good riding. The last week of March is the last week of grooming for the season, but if you are adventurous, you can go off the groomed trails and still find plenty of snow for running your sleds. Riders have reported that the Forks in Maine received about 4” of snow recently and the night time temps are cooler. The spring days are warmer than winter, but the trails are still mid-winter conditions.


Spring Creek Ranch in Wyoming is an exciting spring snowmobiling experience. You can still grab a picnic lunch at Spring Creek Ranch, go on a snowmobiling tour for the day, and come back stress-free and happy. The snow is great in the higher elevations, and you won’t be disappointed at the quality of the snow in the springtime.


There is plenty of snowmobiling tours and fun opportunities at Winter Park Resort in Colorado. Wear the great your recently purchased at the Klim clearance sale at Rocky Mountain Snowmobile and show off your fashionable side. Continental Divide Tours start in late November and don’t end until mid-April.  Late snowmelt gives you a good couple of weeks to a month of awesome tours at nearly 12,000 feet that feature spectacular views of lower valleys. Guides will still customize your ride to the bases of sightseeing, single track trails, and open meadows with groomed trails. Spring comes late in Colorado’s high mountain areas. Take advantage of it and join a spring snowmobile tour.


Spring snowmobiling is still great around Priest Lake.  Elkins Resort at Priest Lake is close to the Canadian border, and the resort links trailheads that lead to the Selkirk Mountain Range. These trailheads are easily accessible. Take the gear you found at the Klim clearance at Rocky Mountain Snowmobiling and head along hundreds of miles of groomed trails. These trails ascent up at high as 7,000 feet and the snow in the springtime is still pristine and ready for you to have an adventure.


Vermont is known for its snowy destination in the Green Mountains. There are guided tours operating daily at Mount Snow, and you can travel the trail system at your own pace. Riders go deep into piney woods where you can see the first signs of spring starting to arrive. It’s spectacular to snowmobile in an area that still boosts winter’s fun.


Utah has the greatest snow on Earth, and this makes it prime snowmobiling country – even in spring. In Heber City, Utah which is about 40 minutes from Salt Lake City the Daniels Summit Lodge is the base camp for over 200 miles of snowmobile trails. These trails range from novice to expert levels. The valley received a record amount of snow this winter and snowmobiling in the spring is as impressive as snowmobiling in January.


There are over 22,000 miles of groomed snowmobile trails in Minnesota. There is still plenty of snow in Minnesota as you start into spring. Spring conditions are excellent, but you do need to contact the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources to find out the best places to spring snowmobile. Ride along the Paul Bunyan State Trail and travel into the heart of wildlife. You might see a bear, deer, lynx, moose or wolf while spring snowmobiling in Minnesota.

In addition to the spectacular spring snowmobiling around the US, don’t forget that some of the best deals found for snowmobile gear are at Rocky Mount Snowmobile, a fun company now featuring their Klim clearance. You can find snowmobile helmet lights, winter clothing, and excellent equipment at spring prices just in time for spring snowmobiling or next year’s winter snowmobiling season.