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The 5 top spots for snowmobiling in Utah

  • 4 min read

If you are a skilled snowmobiler, you will be searching for sublime backcountry play areas for your next adventure. Utah region has some of the top snowmobiling spots for meeting your requirements. There are many well-groomed trials with an option to witness the scenic beauty and natural wildlife of the mountains. Many mountain areas of Utah are suitable and ready for snowmobiling with popular trials. But you have to ensure in carrying well-maintained machines and top-quality clothing/accessories from reliable stores such as Rocky mountain snowmobile.

The top spots for snowmobiling in Utah:

Rocky Mountain: It is one of the superior and highly visited snowmobiling spots in Utah due to its natural beauty and readily available backwoods. It hosts around 150 well-made trials with an extra 150 for more adventurous rides. Many snowmobile routes pass through the cities during the winter season. People enjoy coming here to relish the best trials available when the snow covers the Rocky Mountains. There is also the availability of all types of snowmobiling gears, accessories, and clothing in stores like Rocky mountain snowmobile that guarantee well-being and keep the enjoyment going in the rides. Therefore, you can head out to the Rocky Mountains for some of the ideal snowmobiling rides in Utah.

Mirror Lake:

It consists of a smooth 35-mile trail heading to the highest point of Bald mountain. Advanced riders can take their snowmobiles for off-roading areas consisting of frozen lakes. Mirror Lake, Mill Hollow, and Strawberry snowmobile complex areas are interlinked and offer the best snowmobiling prospects in Utah. Together, they consist of around 250 miles of groomed trails crossing the Uinta Mountains. It is easily accessible through eight major trailheads with just a one-hour drive from Salt Lake City, Utah. This blend of snowmobiling complexes is very popular across Utah due to the closeness to Wasatch Front, wide play spaces, diverse nature of trials, and scenic mountains. Surrounding mountains are around 13000 feet enclosed by a wide area of open spaces that are covered by snow from November to May.

Logan canyon:

The Logan canyon lists among the best snowmobiling spots in the northern Utah region with the major spots being Garden City and Beaver Creek Lodges. It has around 80 miles of well-maintained trails spread across the Wasatch-Cache National Forest and offering splendid snowmobiling options. There are plenty of options for enthusiasts with the awesome scenic beauties along with the adventurous rides. But it is crucial for the riders to always stay on the trials as this area is a key residing place for wildlife in the region. Local US Forest offices will provide all the necessary trial bits of advice and maps of all the off trials along with few off-roading trials.

Thousand peaks: It is a nearby area to Park City, Utah, and hosts plenty of other fun events. Riders can relish the 60000 acres of beautiful snowmobiling areas of true backcountry experience on Utah’s highest mountain range. This region has many private terrains together with multiple snowmobile companies and ski resorts. Rides on this Adventures pushes you to the largest peaks (11,000) and jaw-dropping scenic views with few minutes of drive from Park City, Utah.

Fish Lake Complex: 

This is the combination of The Fish Lake, Monroe Mountain, and Three Creeks-Junctions. There is ample opportunity for rides with snowfalls from December to March. The elevations range from 11500 feet giving jaw-dropping views from the mountains. The trails are well-groomed all the time with the region also offering beautiful play areas. The listed mountains namely Tushar, Terrill, and Sevier plateau provide breathtaking views along with the best riding experience.

With all these backcountry areas that are best suited for snowmobiling adventures, you have to always careful in following certain aspects.

Snowmobiling Safety Tips:

Snowmobiling requires proper training, skill and certain safety measures to be followed along with exact riding clothing and gear to avoid any accidents from occurring.

  • Know the weather conditions of that particular region and trial conditions in all the areas. Contact the Utah Avalanche Centre website at www.utahavalanchecenter.org for any close alerts and all the measures to be followed during emergencies.
  • Wear proper protective gear and suitable clothing layers to be protected against snow and stay warm. It is also key to wear a safety helmet along with sun safety goggles and visor.
  • After these measures, ensure to examine your machine properly for the smooth functioning of the features before leaving for the ride.
  • If you are headed for any off-roading adventure or any interior backwoods or cannons, ensure to know the terrain well before the commencement of the ride.
  • It is a must to refrain from consuming alcohol while riding snowmobile for safeguarding the safety of yourself and other riders. Ride safely at recommended speed limits all the time in the trial. A major cause for snowmobiling mishaps is due to consumption of alcohol and driving recklessly at high speeds.
  • Know the snowmobiling hand signals before the commencement of ride which is important to signal the fellow riders while on the trials. These hand signals help in preventing snowmobile accidents on the trials to a greater extent.
  • Carry a reserve snowmobile repair kit and all-inclusive first aid kit with your accessories on the ride.
  • Keep an eye on the wildlife throughout the ride as wild animals like moose, elk and deer are probable encounters while snowmobiling. Keep a safe distance from fellow riders on the trial for the braking to be effective on all occasions. Avoid frozen lakes as it could lead to serious cases like drowning.


A winter season in Utah is the best place for snowmobiling trials and enjoying the scenic mountain ranges across the region. If you are a true snowmobile enthusiast and looking for accurate riding gears or suitable clothing layers then your best choice should be Rocky mountain snowmobile in Orem, Utah. It is a comprehensive store that offers the best products, top brands with valuable pricing all at one place, www.rockymountainsnowmobile.com.