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Skinz Hush Boxx Silencer- Polaris 650 Switchback Assault, Indy VR! (MATRYX) '21

Hush Boxx Silencer

Weight Loss:  N/A

HP Gain: N/A

SPG Part #: HB-2222CB


650 Switchback Assault, Indy VR1 '21

Skinz has developed and is now offering a new line of very quiet silencers to the market. Hush Boxx silencers will produce a modified sound that will comply with the J2567 standard and industry standard of 88db or less.

  • Durable steel welded construction.
  • 2000 degree black Ceramic finish. (Skinz is a certified applicator)
  • CFM flow rates to match OEM flow rates for modern fuel injected engines. Does not alter or diminish horsepower.
  • Offered for newer, current models.
  • Significant weight reduction – approx. 7-10 lbs over OEM depending on model.
  • Easy installation, all parts included.