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Skinz Super-Q Silencer- Polaris 700 (755) Fusion, RMK, Classic, 900 Fusion, RMK, Switchback '06

Super Q Silencer

Weight Loss: '16 LBS

HP Gain: N/A

SPG Part #: SQ-2207C


700 (755) Fusion, RMK, Classic '06

900 Fusion, RMK, Switchback '06

The Skinz Performance Silencers offer easy installation and all parts are included.

Easy installation and all parts are included

  • Great sound, noise level is slightly higher than original 95 DB +/-7
  • Great for racing, mountain riding or lower populated areas
  • Huge weight savings with increased power to weight ratio
  • Two dots welded on bottom side identifies Super-Q from Ultra-Q

    Super-Q: Noise Level is  higher than Original (OEM).  Great for Racing, Mountain Riding, or Lower Populated Areas.  (DB Level 90 +/- 7)