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Skinz Super-Q Silencer- Ski-Doo ZX Chassis 500 Formula DLX, MX Z, 600 MX Z, Summit, Formula DLX, 700 MX Z, Summit, Formula Z, Formula DLX '99-'03

Super Q Silencer

Weight Loss: 7.5 LBS

HP Gain: N/A

SPG Part #: SQ-4401C


500 ZX Chassis Formula DLX '00-'01

500 ZX Chassis MX Z (Liquid Cooled) '00-'03

600 ZX Chassis MX Z, Summit (Non HO) '99-'03

600 ZX Chassis Formula DLX '00-'01

700 ZX Chassis MX Z, Summit '00-'01

700 ZX Chassis Formula Z, Formula DLX '00-'01

The Skinz Performance Silencers offer easy installation and all parts are included.

Easy installation and all parts are included

  • Great sound, noise level is slightly higher than original 95 DB +/-7
  • Great for racing, mountain riding or lower populated areas
  • Huge weight savings with increased power to weight ratio
  • Two dots welded on bottom side identifies Super-Q from Ultra-Q

    Super-Q: Noise Level is  higher than Original (OEM).  Great for Racing, Mountain Riding, or Lower Populated Areas.  (DB Level 90 +/- 7)