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SLP Silencer- Polaris 650 RMK (Matryx), Switchback Assault, VR1, Indy, 850 RMK, Pro RMK (Matryx), 850 Switchback Assault, VR1, Indy XC, 900 Patriot 9R Pro RMK (Matryx) '21-'23

Lightweight Silencer

Weight Loss: N/A

HP Gain: N/A

SLP Part #: 09-333


650 RMK (Matryx) '22-'23

650 Switchback Assault, VR1, Indy '21-'23

850 RMK, Pro RMK (Matryx) '22-'23

850 Switchback Assault, VR1, Indy XC '21

900 Patriot 9R Pro RMK (Matryx) '23

Lighten up your snowmobile by replacing the stock silencer with SLP's lightweight version. So what sets SLP silencers apart from the rest? For starters, each SLP silencer has been dyno tested and field verified to insure maximum reliable horsepower is attained while shedding the desired weight. Sound level emissions are also a focus at SLP. We strive for the quality, robust sound that you desire while keeping the sound levels low. Many of our models have been tested by SLP and passed the SAE J-2567 stationary sound test below the state adopted 88 decibel limit. All silencers are finished withceramic coating which not only looks great, but also reduces radiant heat emissions by as much as 40%, resulting in cooler underhood temperatures.

This lightweight silencer is still in development. We are very excited for this silencer and expect it to deliver performance and weight savings similar to what we have seen on our other silencers. Pre-Order now to get yourself in line to insure timely delivery once it's available. There is no obligation to buy and you will not be charged until it ships. You will be contacted with complete product info, including pricing and confirmation before this item ships.