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Let’s Go Snowmobiling!

  • 3 min read

What’s snowmobiling? Specifically, it is riding on an open vehicle for one or two people with steerable skies on the front and an endless belt at the rear. It’s riding on snow dressed like a Himalayan hiker covered from top to bottom in Arctic snow gear and riding over snow-covered trails and hills; having the time of your life.

If you live in Hawaii or the Caribbean, so sorry. You will never know the joy of speeding over snow and feeling the wet, clean coldness slap your face as you laugh hysterically into the wind.

Snowmobiling started as a means of transportation and utility; now it’s a winter sport enjoyed by the old and young alike. There are competitions and competitive rides, but snowmobiling is really about fresh air, great company, and memories.

Sit back, grip the handlebars, point your skies on the trail and head off into a snow-covered landscape. Before you go, however, make sure you have the right sled, right clothing, and a spirit of adventure.

Snowmobile Gear

The first piece of equipment you need, of course, is a snowmobile. Rocky Mountain snowmobiles can provide you with all the snowmobile stuff you need after you have found the snowmobile that fits your purpose.

Depending on what you want to do, there are snowmobiles for trail rides, climbing mountains or just going fast across meadows or frozen lakes.

  • Touring snowmobile. If you’re going to carry a passenger, it a great idea to look at touring types of snowmobiles. These “two-up” options are comfortable for two people to ride for long distances. They usually come with everything you need to keep you comfortable on the ride. Touring snowmobiles often have heated seats, side-mounted mirrors, electric start, and reverse gears. They have large windshields, MP3 players as well as communication and GPS systems. If you are a bit nervous on your first snowmobile ride, a touring snowmobile goes a bit slower but gives you an excellent opportunity to enjoy the landscape.
  • Trail snowmobiles. Riding on a trail snowmobile is an excellent place to start if you are a newbie. They are lower priced, lightweight, and easy to handle on rough trails that have twists and turns. Trail snowmobiles have fast acceleration, but they do offer a bit of comfort. Most touring snowmobiles have small fan-cooled engines and quality suspension that makes them easy to handle.
  • Performance snowmobiles. Looking for an adrenaline rush? Then a performance snowmobile is what you need. They are built for speed and give you a challenging ride. Most performance snowmobiles generate more than 185 horsepower and are made lightweight to give you the adventure of your life as you fly across trails or down mountains. Most performance snowmobiles feature advanced suspension systems which allow you to handle a ride with precision. Great handling is important when you are speeding down a mountain at 100 mph. If you want comfort, you don’t want a performance snowmobile.
  • Crossover snowmobiles. The most versatile type of snowmobile is a crossover. It gives you great handling when you are trail riding, but also has the power you need when you go off trail. Most crossover models are comfortable to ride.

Beyond these basic type of snowmobiles, there are youth snowmobiles, higher performance snowmobiles, and mountain snowmobiles. Whatever model you choose, you can deck out your snowmobile with awesome snowmobile stuff and accessories from Rocky Mountain snowmobiles. Don’t forget to check out quality but cheap snowmobile gear and give yourself the chance to make winter more fun on a snowmobile.