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Snowmobile Gear from Rocky Mountain Snowmobile

  • 2 min read

Whether it is your first snowmobiling experience, or you are an expert, snowmobiling gear is necessary for the fun and thrill of the ride. Proper riding apparel starts with under layers, eye protection and headgear in addition to boots and outer layers. You also need personal items, safety equipment for emergency kits and tools. Going with someone who has good trip planning practices is always a great idea. “Always snowmobile in pairs” is good safety advice in addition to the survival gear you will need.

Snowmobile Clothing

Be fashionable on the snow! You can purchase snowmobile bibs, snowmobile jackets, snowmobile gloves and mittens, and snowmobile boots from Rocky Mountain Snowmobile. Look for underlying garments that you can layer under your snowmobile clothes. They key word is layering to stay toasty and warm.

Snowmobile bibs are perfect for your ride. They stay up because they are bibs and most bibs are fully insulated. Look for bibs designed specifically for snowmobiling and check the labels to found out which bibs are built for more extreme conditions than others.

At Rocky Mountain Snowmobile discover a whole world of jackets. The latest snow jackets for men, women, and children are featured at Rocky Mountain, plus jackets are protected with either built-in insulation or zip in or zip out linings. You can also purchase shell snowmobile jackets that are not insulated, but you will need to layer up for insulation. Since Rocky Mountain Snowmobile’s jackets are intended for snowmobiling, they’ll keep you warm and dry.

Gloves and mittens designed specifically for snowmobiling come in all colors and styles. Each glove is designed to fit a specific type of hand – man, woman, or child. Pick the rights size for warmth and durability. As an example, women’s snowmobiling gloves for women come in pink or purple, have aggressive styling, and feature silicone printing across fingers for gripping. Look for gloves that are comfort related to -35° and have easily adjustable wrist straps.

Gloves from Rocky Mountain Snowmobiling have 100% waterproof liner inserts and thermolite insulation. You can’t find any better gloves around to keep your hands warm and safe.

Snowmobile helmets are a must have, and they need to adhere to Federal regulations for safety. Give the gift of a full face snowmobile helmet that comes with a breath box to deflect warm air and eliminate fog. Add a light that attaches to your snowmobile helmet, and you have the ultimate in snowmobiling gear.

If you want to be that truly “badass” snowmobile rider, add snowmobile helmet lights to provide illumination at night or dusk rides. You can find small and light attachments that fit in your backpack and double as a flashlight when needed.

Helmet lights feature high performance LED lighting that provides a premium lighting solution. These lights are built to last, are waterproof, and easy to assemble. Plus, snowmobile helmet lights are a safety feature. Don’t leave the parking lot without your snowmobile helmet light! Double safety, fun, and just plain smart. Contact Rocky Mountain Snowmobile for the best light for your helmet.