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What Are the Different Types of Snowmobiles?

  • 4 min read

The use of snowmobiles was being limited to being a utility vehicle that could easily maneuver over the snow that could not be accessed by other vehicles. With the advent of technology, there are arrivals of different types of snowmobiles that serve a wide range of activities. Relying on the purpose, snowmobiles could be used for climbing snowy mountains, fun trail rides or going across frozen lakes. Before your purchase, you need to know about the different kinds of snowmobiles that will meet your requirements.

Different types of snowmobiles.

Below are the various types of snowmobiles depending on their usage:

Trail Snowmobiles:

Trial snowmobiles are the basic kind of snowmobiles that are majorly used for commute and transport. They are built with slimmer frames and engines that are fan-cooled. They have decent acceleration power and can go at a moderate speed. This type of snowmobiles is the best choice for beginners as they are easy to handle thanks to their less weight. They have widely used snowmobiles because of their minimal costs in comparison to other types.

Touring Snowmobiles:

Touring snowmobile is also referred to as 2-up as it consists of an extra seat to carry passengers along with the rider for long distances. They have ideal features that enhance comfort on long rides. Features like optimally cushioned seats, reverse gear, heating hand grips for both rider and pillion and backrests for pillion make you less fatigued on long rides. Such type of snowmobiles is ideal for individuals who prefer to travel in pairs over long distances.

Performance Snowmobiles:

Performance snowmobile is intended to offer high performance for enthusiastic riders. The engines are very powerful and have a high displacement capacity for delivering high speeds. It is designed for individuals who are professional racers and enjoy the thrill of high-speed riding. They have the best suspensions and top horsepower for reaching high speeds in the trials. They have the best turning radius than any other type of snowmobiles. All these features make them first choice for are expert races and want to lead the competition. If you are not experienced with such type of riding, then you must not go for such kind of snowmobiles. You can be at high risk if you are not an expert in controlling such power-packed snowmobiles. 

Utility Snowmobiles:

Previously explained snowmobiles are the ones used for high-speed racing or valuable commuting. But they are also used for performing utility tasks. This type is useful who spend their time on snow for carrying necessary goods for their routine work and living. They generally possess wide frames that the other types. They also have a better suspension setup to handle a large amount of weight and uneven snow tracks.

Crossover Snowmobiles:

As the name suggests, crossover snowmobiles are built to handle equally well on prepared trials and also for off-trail rides. They have multi-usable lugs and hybrid tracks. They handle and adjust well on well-prepared tracks and also provide decent traction and performance on off-trail rides. Crossover snowmobiles are the best choice for such kind of riders who love the dual style of riding.

Mountain Snowmobiles:

You cannot easily ascend or descend a mountain with a snowmobile that is built to move on a regular flat surface. Mountain snowmobiles are intended for precisely this purpose. The engines are specifically designed to deliver output that aids in offering optimal force to climb inclined mountain slopes. It has a slim frame to move easily on the narrow trails and they carry longer lugs to get adequate traction on slopes. You cannot ride them at high speeds as performance snowmobiles and also not so comfortable to be ridden often on trials. Due to this build, they are not best suited for flat trials and must be used by individuals who go on mountain rides regularly.

Youth Snowmobiles:

You may have trial snowmobiles that help grown-ups to learn the art of riding but are not suitable for young riders who want to meet the same purpose. 

  • Youth snowmobiles are built exclusively for young riders, especially those who want to learn to ride. They have a narrow frame and restricted power engines that stress on keeping the safety of the young riders.
  • Parents can help kids to initially know the art of riding snowmobiles and also be calm when kids go out for rides.
  • Their smaller size and other safety features are of higher advantage for young riders. There are also speed-limiting options on the snowmobiles which will help to have good control over the engine and avoiding any mishaps. 
  • There is a unique feature which loosens the keys if there is any event of fall off. This is a crucial feature for young guys who tend to perform adventures for experiencing thrills.
  • Due to such changes, the majority of snowmobiles are built with single-cylinder motors and low horsepower. Young people always need parent supervision on their rides but this will help them to learn the art of riding by optimal safety concerns.

Difference between Four-Stroke and Two-Stroke engines:

There are two types of engine preferences in all types of snowmobiles. But it finally comes to personal choice for your type of riding.

Four-stroke engines have more weight but demand for very fewer maintenance tasks. Two-stroke engines will have very good performance because they weigh less but need more maintenance routines.

You also need to look at the requirements of the rides while buying one of them. Four strokes are generally preferred for people who regularly perform mountain climbing. They provide a steady boost of power to move along the mountains. They are gaining popularity in every class of riders with high-powered engines entering the market.


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