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Better Boards…Is it worth it? Snowmobiling

  • 4 min read

Snowmobiling is the most exciting and widely played winter sport in the snow areas of America. But, your range and quality of enjoyment are dependent on what will be your choice of snowmobiles, riding gears, and other accessories. This will be a significant amount of investment and hence you must analyze carefully all the available options before making the decision. If you are looking to buy top-quality snowmobile riding gears, reach out to Rocky Mountain Snowmobile who possesses the best brands to suit your needs.

Better boards for snowmobiling:

As the name implies better boards significantly provide a better experience than the stock and prevent the snow from entering the footboards. They act as snow eliminators as some call them miracle cleaners or no snow stickers. Their primary function is to increase tractions and clear snow from the foot boarding space and provide strength to the fragile stock running boards. They provide better running experience than stock with value for money benefit and hence clearly called better boards. All these advantages without compromising on the structural integrity of the snowmobile or risking the safety of the rider.

What are the advantages of better boards?

  • The issue with the stock boards is that the cut-outs are very small, weak, too low, no proper alignment. They cover the complete opening which traps and holds the snow. Snow and ice follow the naturally grained aluminum that is coated properly. It will allow you to enjoy the ride and have all the fun of the sport.
  • It is also designed to add strength while clearing the snow and provide proper traction. 
  • Stock boards cause the snow to build up in the front portion of the footwell. The build-up of snow results in the rider kicking forward which causes the snow to enter the clutch section. This causes the blockage and leads to slipping of clutch belts. A good quality better board will flow through the snow easily without the accumulation of snow in the footwell. Many users who have installed these better boards have experienced these results across the snow areas in the world.

Factors to be considered while buying snowmobile equipment and riding gears:

Below are some important factors that you need to put into consideration while buying a snowmobile and riding gear.


Snowmobiles and riding gears are available at a variety of prices and qualities. This implies that you need to verify what is your type of usage and requirement with the budget you are willing to spend. Do not stick to the one that you notice nearby but do proper research before buying them. Snowmobiling requires the usage of different types of riding gear for the safety of the riders. You must be ready to spend some amount on accessories like helmets, gloves, different layers of clothing, snow boots, socks, goggles, and also on the repair/maintenance of the vehicle.


Many individuals head to purchase snowmobile and riding gears without any knowledge and information on them. Various types of snowmobiles are built for different purposes and a rider needs to buy the one which is required for his type of usage. The needs of one person could be different from others. Even if you have sufficient budget, going for the biggest snowmobile when your needs are irrelevant, could lead to a mismatch in the actual purpose. Even the riding gears are designed for a specific purpose and there must proper analysis before heading to purchase them. 

Experience and Riding Style:

Snowmobiles are designed for the specific riding style of the user. It is one of the crucial factors to be considered while buying the equipment. The various engine configurations and designs of the chassis are done to meet the riding patterns of the individuals. Engines come in various capacities of power and torque dependent on whether the snowmobile is used for sport, commute, or utility purposes. If you are kind of rider who performs extreme off-roading, takes aggressive and sharp turns then you need to buy a snowmobile that supports all those technical aspects.

Suspension of the vehicle:

Snowmobiles are designed with different suspension capacities. Some vehicles have adjustable suspension and some have fixed ones. Again, this comes to the type of riding style of a particular rider. If you are a rider who prefers riding constantly on sporty terrains then you need a sportier suspension. If you use the vehicle for both daily commute and the occasional ride on trials, then you will need adjustable suspensions. But if you are a rider with no aggressive rides even occasionally, then you need not think too much about the suspension.

Performance of the engine:

Even the type of engine on your vehicle is dependent on the usage of the snowmobile. If you are a sporty rider who needs a power-packed engine performance with the top engine roar, you must go for such a sporty type of snowmobile. If you are using the snowmobile for utility purpose then it must have the best torque capacity. Having a thorough knowledge of the particular needs and engine type has a crucial role in the purchase of your vehicle.


This is dependent on the quality of the brand and equipment you purchase. It will be a valuable and significant amount of investment you make, which would have a huge impact in the coming days. Therefore, it is important to purchase the snowmobile and riding gears from a genuine and reputed brand in the industry. Spend some time researching the good brands before you make your final decision.

Bottom line:

Even though many people ride a snowmobile, very few of them have knowledge of selecting them and right riding gears or types of equipment. All the necessary modifications on your snowmobiles with equipment like better boards requires expertise and good quality purchase from trusted and all-inclusive stores. If you are planning to buy good quality snowmobile riding gear and equipment, then your best choice is Rocky Mountain Snowmobile.