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What is the best fit for clothing when snowmobiling?

  • 4 min read

Snowmobile, popularly known as snow scooter or snow machine is a motorized vehicle designed to ride on the snow. Snowmobiling does not require a road or trail. It is designed in such a way that it can be operated on snow or ice. Snowmobiling has become the trend as many are taking snowmobiling as their hobby.  So, if you wish to add a bit of adventure to your boring routine life, what better than snowmobiling? Its deep and steep trails will give you and your family the enjoyment and adventurous experience you are looking out for. 

The old model of snowmobile could entertain two people, but the new model of a snowmobile can accommodate only one person. So, are you planning to go for a snowmobile ride? Then it’s of utmost importance that you know are aware of the correct riding clothing to ensure safety and security while you ride in the chilling winters. Here, we’ll tell you the best clothing required when you are set to ride on a snowmobile.

Snowmobile Under layers

It’s necessary to wear layers underneath your snowmobile suit to stay safe and feel relaxed and comfortable from inside when you are on a snowmobile ride. These layers can provide you from the cold and chilled climate. If you have several layers on your body, you can remove some and even put them on if you need to get on a ride.

The first layer on you should be of polyester or synthetic underwear bottom and top that lets your body breathe in the chilling winter. The first layer on your body should be lightweight and shouldn’t be restrictive for you to do any activity. Light layer on your body is preferred than one dense coat.

It is advised to not use cotton clothing in the first layer or in any layer for that matter because it does not soak the moisture created by the body sweat, it does not dry quickly and so remains wet throughout your ride thus freezing you. Apart from cotton, what you can opt for is polyester, silk, or synthetic apparel because they dry quickly and soak away the moisture from the skin. And so the best clothing suitable for snowmobile ride are Fleece, wool, or polyester tops and bottoms while cotton tops, sweatshirts, t-shirts, jeans, underwear and socks you must not wear.

Snowmobile suits

Snowmobile suits are to be worn for generating warmth and comfort while riding a snowmobile. It consists of a jacket over bibs or pants. It is the primary necessity of wearing a snowmobile suit to protect you from the cold, wind chill and frostbite. The external coating of your clothing must be windproof and waterproof. Acrylic, Gore-Tex or other synthetic materials are the materials used to make a snowmobile suit. It is advised that you don’t wear cotton jackets, bibs, or pants as they soak water and are difficult to dry, thus keeping you all wet all day long.

Ski apparel can be considered as a choice that suits a snowmobile ride provided it is waterproof and windproof and is loose enough to make you feel comfortable while riding. Most of the experienced and professional snowmobile riders prefer purchasing well-equipped snowmobile suits.


A snowmobile helmet is a mandatory piece for you to wear while you are opting for a snowmobile ride. An approved helmet helps keep you warm and protects you from serious head injuries if caused by an accident as every other mask does. Wearing the cover is not the only solution, but wearing it according to a proper method is necessary. Make sure the helmet fits properly on the head, and the straps are tightly fitted under the chin, ensuring complete protection.

The helmet needs to be changed and serviced after using them over several years.


Facemask is necessary if your helmet is not a full-faced one. Even if you don’t want to wear one while riding, you must keep it in the pocket in case there’s a change in the weather, and it becomes cold. Facemasks are made up of polyester, silk or other synthetic fabrics that are lightweight, less heavy, and more comfortable.

Eye Protection

Eye protection is an essential element that you must consider while buying the snowmobile ride kit. Eye protection essentials may include helmet visor, goggles, and sunglasses. They protect the eyes from tree limbs, snow, and ice that are thrown away by the other snowmobiles.


Hand gloves are essential for any riding activity. Gloves are worn to keep your hands warm in the cold and repel water. Gloves that are extended until your wrist provides extra comfort and protection from the wind.  Some choose mittens that can keep your hands warm as well as protect them. Make sure your gloves or mittens are not becoming a hurdle between you and your snowmobile.


Like jackets, face mask, you are not advised to wear cotton socks as well. Material to be preferred in stockings includes nylon, polypropylene, Fleece, wool, silk, or synthetic. These materials keep your feet warm and keep the moisture away from your skin.


Functional boots need to keep your feet warm in the chilling winter. Boots required for snowmobiling must be made of combination that includes rubber, waterproof bottom, the synthetic upper side that fastens to repel snow. A Liner of wool to let the air pass in and out that allows your feet to breathe. Make sure water doesn’t enter your boots but also make sure that your feet breathe.