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What to Wear Snowmobiling in the Mountains?

  • 3 min read

If you are looking forward to a trip of snowmobiling in the mountains, having the proper avalanche gear should be your top priority. There are many clothing items which are available just for this sport.

Your avalanche gear should be breathable and safe and must give you the luxury of moving around freely. It obviously needs to warm and comfortable too, since you will be exposed to elements in temperatures lower than 0 degrees.

Listed below is the proper kind of snowmobile and avalanche gear you should don to keep yourself safe and warm on the trails.

Woolen Socks

Having proper socks are paramount when snowmobiling, as the temperature of your feet determine the temperature of your body. Woolen socks are the best for this, as they do not let your feet get too wet from excessive sweating while keeping your feet warm. Woolen socks can be purchased from any sporting store. It is best advised to have an extra pair or two in case your feet get wet.

Under Layers

Even more important than what you wear above your clothing is what you wear below, as our primary body heat is always captured by the under layers of our clothing. One of the biggest mistakes that people make is choosing cotton under layers.

Cotton does not allow body heat to be trapped, and absorbs sweat and moisture easily, which will easily make you colder and wetter at the same time. Your first layer should always be either polyester or a synthetic blend since these dry out very quickly.

You should wear more under layers than you feel necessary. This way, you can always take them off if you feel warm. But if you get cold, you might remain cold till the end of the snowmobile trip.

Chest Pad

These are generally worn over your under layers. So in the unfortunate case of a fall or an accident, the chest pad can protect you from additional harm.

Snowmobile Suits

Snowmobile suits generally consist of a warm jacket, along with a pair of insulated bibs or pants. These suits are designed to offer both warmth as well as comfort. For the best fit, pick at least 1 or 2 sizes over your actual size. You will be packing a lot of layers underneath, and you do not want your movements to be restricted.

Moreover, cotton is once again a big no-no. Make sure that your snowmobile gear is made out of synthetic blends, gore-tex, or acrylic. In addition, your snowmobile suit should also be wind and waterproof, as you will be exposed to probably all the natural elements while on this trip.

Face Mask

Your body is not the only thing that needs protection- your face does too. Protecting your face from the harsh cold gets extremely important, as the face is prone to damage from harsh weathers, for example, frostbite.

Having the proper face mask includes having adequate cover for your face. Moreover, the material once again plays a huge role when selecting your face mask. Make sure to buy a face mask which is both waterproof and windproof, and will keep the moisture away from your skin.


Along with a face mask, having the correct pair of goggles is also essential. They will keep debris such as pebbles away from your eyes and will allow you to see better. Always wear glasses that fit snugly around your face, so that they do not fly off in the middle of the trip. Besides, make sure that you have the proper colored goggles to help you see better.

Yellow, amber, blue, and rose are excellent for cloudy days, while darker colors serve a better purpose in sunny days. If you wear spectacles, make sure that you wear contact lenses on the day, even if you do not usually wear them.


The pair of boots that you choose can make or break your snowmobile outfit. Your boots should be able to keep your feet warm, protect your feet from water and snow, should remain dry at all times, and should still allow your feet to breath. Also, they should be a comfortable fit for you as well.

The best boots are those which are made of a combination of rubber, synthetic fabric to repel snow, and wool or fleece to keep your feet from perspiring. Once again, you should stay away from fancy-looking boots like the ones in high profile stores, and choose convenience over fashion.

Having the proper riding and avalanche gear is essential when planning out your snowmobile trip. These trips can have unpredictable weather in addition to brutal winters, so it is best advised that you dress appropriately. Warm and comfortable is the way to go with avalanche gear, ensuring you will remain warm, comfortable, and moisture-free.