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What is the danger of wearing loose clothing when riding a snowmobile?

  • 4 min read

Snowmobiling is an exciting sport with the challenge it offers along with the rejuvenation of cruising across the snow. But the clothing and gears chosen could make or break the snowmobiling fun and compromise on safety. Wearing the proper clothing is the primary aspect of enjoying any winter outing and snowmobiling is no exception. As you could be more precise in riding a snowmobile machine of your choice, ensure that you do not wear loose, unfit clothing for your rides. You could find plenty of options to choose from at stores like Rocky Mountain Snowmobile.

Benefits of wearing the right clothing:

A snowmobile clothing must be warm and windproof but also light and a perfect fit so that it will not cause any mishaps. By wearing improper fit clothing, you will put yourself, pillions, and fellow riders in danger. Some of the benefits are:

  • Loose clothing has chances of holding up on to the vehicle, twigs, or branches. A properly fit clothing avoids such dangers during the ride.
  • It will cover the body without allowing the wind and snow to escape inside.
  • Will protect from any scratches and act as protective covering cushion in collisions or falls.
  • It will help you to stay safe during extreme weather conditions.

Things to be noted while dressing for snowmobiling:

Ensure that you dress in multiple layers for changing weather conditions that could fluctuate from starting of the trip and the time of return. Avoid the use of cotton in any of the clothing layers as it can get wet easily and also will not wick moisture from the body. This can be very dangerous to your safety and comfort during the ride. The clothing and other riding gears must be of proper size as it is crucial to be warm, unrestricted, and move freely in varying conditions. Buy gender-specific clothing to accommodate the correct size and shape for both men and women.

Must needed clothing for snowmobile riding:

Under Layers:

Under layers are very useful for changing weather conditions. On cold days these layers will act as a blocker from wind chills and frostbites. If the weather conditions are hot, you could remove any layer during your trip. But if you do not wear sufficient enough before you begin the ride, you can’t add more later. The first layer must be a synthetic-blend or polyester long bottom and top that provides breathability to your body. It must be light to wear and not too restrictive. Cotton t-shirts, sweatshirts, jeans, loose socks, or underwear must never be worn. Wool, fleece or polyester tops and bottoms are the ideal choices.

Snowmobile Suits:

A snowmobile suit is an ideal outfit for snowmobile rides. Along with maintaining warmth inside, a snowmobile suit will trap the air and aid you to float if you fall into the water. Some suits have special air pockets which can be inflated by blowing into a tube and also some suits with flotation materials sewn into the lining. The suite comprises of a jacket worn over insulated pants or bibs. The same rule of no-cotton material applies here with clothing of acrylic, synthetic-blends, or Gore-Tex could be used.

Face Mask/ Balaclava:

Along with caring to keep the body warm during the ride, one must also ensure to keep the face warm and safe. Face Masks or ‘Balaclavas’ are very vital to avoid frostbite in extremely cold temperatures. The most important rule of no-cotton material and proper fitment applies even in this category.


Headgears play a very important part in keeping the safety of riders in all types of rides. Ensure to wear a DOT-approved helmet to avoid any fatal injuries that may occur during a fall or any crash. Helmets must be of the proper size, tightly strapped, perfectly fitting your chin and head to provide ultimate protection.


Googles and helmet visors are very crucial to safeguard your eyes during the ride form snow or any flying dirt particles. Chose the right lenses for varying weather conditions. Use of bright-colored lens for sunny days and light-colored lenses for cloudy days are a very useful choice.


Gloves are a very important accessory in your riding gear since they will repel water, wind and keep the hands warm during the rides. Riding will be very difficult with frozen hands in extreme conditions. Ensure that you wear a pair of gloves that provide optimal flexibility and safety. There should be inner gloves made of wool to keep the hands warmer throughout the ride.


Keeping the feet warm during extreme weather conditions by wearing socks that are made from materials like fleece, nylon, wool silk, polypropylene, or other synthetic blends. Refrain from using cotton materials and always keep extra pairs of socks in stock. They could be very useful in case if you feel getting the feet cold.


Wearing a proper pair of Boots is very important to keep your feet safe and warm. The ideal snowmobiling boots are those that use a blend of materials like rubber, waterproof bottom along with proper lug sole for gripping. It should have a synthetic upper part that is high enough to keep away snow and breathable/removable liner made of fleece, wool, or any synthetic clothing to wick moisture.

Bottom line:

Buying and wearing proper snowmobile clothing and gears must just not be about following a fashion trend. You may find many types of styles, colors, or fabrics that match your snowmobile vehicle and other gears. But none of these will be useful if you compromise on the safety and fitment of clothing and riding gears. You could end up freezing or provide ample opportunities for mishaps during the rides. If you are looking for quality and affordable snowmobile clothing and other accessories check out Rocky Mountain Snowmobile store. We carry and use the best brands to suit your needs, including several brands that have kept optimal standards for a long period.